There are some days that people aren’t more than noise and this is why Margarida feels more surrounded by the world when between
her house walls.
More surrounded by music, films, characters and loose words.
Today, her home is divided between Berlin and Lisbon
but the walls are the same: they open up to let experiences in, 
and close down to be transformed in inspiration.
Born in Almada, Portugal, studied Photography, then
Art and Communication, then Design, then Illustration
- she uses them all together and mixes them up.
It was with Illustration where she finally discovered the stage for the smiles that she keeps for her people. It was with illustration that she was able to turn stories into reality Bedtime stories that her father used to tell her.
Margarida is 31 years old and likes everything and its opposite.
From a country house she doesn’t live without the city whirlwind.
From unicorns and pink flamingos to her signature vintage black Reebok.Inside of her, instead of reason, she has a music box.